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By Your Side During Difficult Times

When you need a divorce attorney, you need Ron Cross Law.

Divorce may be fairly common—nearly 50% of U.S. marriages end in divorce—but it’s not common for you. In fact, it may be the most trying time of your life. 

It’s extraordinarily difficult to make good decisions when you’re dealing with the emotional trauma of a break-up. To add to the stress, your decisions will have far-reaching consequences for you and your family. Your choices and decisions need to be informed by laws you’re probably unfamiliar with. The entire divorce process is incredibly daunting—and we can help. We’ll advise you regarding Texas divorce law, identify your needs, and do our best to make the process less painful.

Consider a collaborative divorce process.

If both you and your spouse are willing to communicate and negotiate the terms of your divorce, think about a collaborative divorce. This legal process can relieve some of the sting associated with breaking up a household, as you and your spouse decide the final outcome, rather than a judge.

You’ll still need legal assistance. Our Dallas divorce lawyers not only have extensive experience in the collaborative divorce process and alternative dispute resolution; Ron Cross Law lawyer, John McShane is also the lawyer who discovered and is responsible for bringing collaborative family law to Texas. We will be by your side, advocating for your interests and ensuring your needs are met.

When you and your spouse have decided upon the terms of your divorce, we will draft a settlement agreement. That document becomes your final judgment of divorce once it’s signed by a judge.

We’re on your side.

Sometimes negotiation isn’t possible. Maybe your spouse won’t communicate, tensions are too high, or there’s disagreement about the division of assets or child custody. We can help you file for a no-fault divorce, or if need be, a fault-based divorce. 

In a no-fault divorce, neither party needs to prove the other is accountable for the dissolution of the marriage. A fault-based divorce supposes that one person is responsible. Under Texas divorce law, permitted fault grounds are: 

  • Adultery
  • Cruelty or violence
  • Abandonment/desertion of at least one year 
  • Insanity (confined to a psychiatric facility for at least three years) 
  • Felony conviction and imprisonment of at least one year

Going through a fault-based divorce can be extremely stressful, especially if there are children involved. We’ll be with you every step of the way. We’ll give you advice gleaned from our many years of experience, fight for your rights, keep you well informed, and make sure your core values are honored every step of the way.

Do you really need a divorce attorney?

Almost certainly. How do we know? You’re here, looking for information. That means you have questions or concerns about your impending or future divorce.

It’s wise to be concerned. Texas divorce law can be complicated. Your marital and financial situation may be, too. Do you know how to protect your assets in a divorce? To uncover hidden assets? Handle a business valuation during a divorce? We do. We know what to ask for and how to get it. We know how to make sure you and your children are safe during the divorce proceedings and secure afterwards. We’re by your side during difficult times. We’re experienced divorce lawyers in Dallas who care about our clients.