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Texas Child Custody Lawyers Cross McShane

What About The Kids?

Child Custody, Child Support, Divorce

Most people, even some lawyers, use the word “custody” to refer to a parent’s rights regarding a child after a divorce or other legal action between non-married parents.

Texas Divorce Lawyers Cross McShane

You’ve Decided To Get A Divorce… Now What?

Divorce Attorney, Divorce Lawyer, Divorcing

For many people, the decision of whether to divorce can be overwhelming. A process that not just takes over all of your emotions but often the ability to think clearly. Spouses often just want the process to be over with…

Texas Divorce Lawyers Cross McShane

Myth Or Reality – The Spouse Who Leaves The House During A Texas Divorce Loses The House

Divorce, Divorce Attorney, Divorce Attorneys

The answer to this topic can be both a myth and a reality. A spouse who leaves the house because of domestic violence, family violence or extreme conduct by their spouse will be at no disadvantage in requesting an award…